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Of course, you can’t replace the feeling of actually being there but, MacGillivray Freeman’s National Parks Adventure gives it one helluva try.

Greg MacGillivray and Robert Redford team up to inspire you to head out to your National Parks, Monuments, and Recreation Areas.

Variety’s film critic Nick Schager called it a slender but, stirring celebration of America’s “Best Idea.” Giving credit where it’s due, I think he just about nailed it.

Not a long movie. In fact, it’s more like a 4o minute -extraordinarily high budget- infomercial but, the cinematography more than makes up for cheesy “Pirates of the Caribbean” themed fonts and shameless marketing sprinkled throughout.

Narrated by Robert Redford, National Parks Adventure joins Rachel Pohl, Max Lowe, and famed mountaineer Conrad Anker on a pseudo extreme-sports journey throughout our nation’s most famous (and a couple not-so-famous) National Parks.

Rachel Pohl, Conrad Anker, and Max Lowe. (L-R)

IMAX’s large film format masterfully captures the enormity of the varying landscapes.

Sweeping aerial scenes which ride up the rocky faces of buttes and mountain peaks only to slip over the tops into expansive emptiness.

National Parks Adventure

In an exciting mountain biking scene, you “GoPro” your way around the surface of glassy, martian-like plateaus only to find your cyclist stop short of a cliff while the camera sails off to capture the unforgiving precipice. The whole audience (yup…us too) let out a collective gasp.

We were immersed and think it’s absolutely worth the trip. As much amusement park ride as movie, it did nothing if not inspire us to hurriedly pack our bags for this weekend’s trip to our local National Park! I don’t know that we’ll be skipping between 250 foot spires but, we’ll be taking in the scenery for sure. From the mountaineering elite to the oaf in all of us, the Parks truly are for everyone. This movie will get you moving.

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