Happy Labor Day!


For the last 96 hours, we’ve been doing exactly the opposite of laboring. We hope you’ve been doing the same.

Happy Labor Day from New Innocents!

Really hope your weekend was full of fun and adventure.

Looking ahead, we have a big week in store and hope you’ll join us.

Tomorrow, we’re going to share in painstaking detail some of the challenges of adventuring to our National Parks with little ones. In a short post recounting our recent road trip from San Diego to San Francisco, you’ll find a handful of what-not-to-dos.

Wednesday, we’ve lined up a product review. Our oldest daughter Ainsley is really asserting her independence these days. It seems a whole new world of self-sufficiency opens its doors to five year olds as Ainsley is, “… five now! I can carry my own water.” So, with Ainsley sporting a new kid’s Camelback, we hit the trails and took some notes along the way.

Thursday, as part of our Blue Star Family Series, we’re going to post a review of the Point Mugu Naval Air Station, Navy Gateway Inn and Suites. We’ve stayed with them twice. It’s clean and the price is right. They’ve won themselves a loyal customer.

We’re rolling out Part 1 of our Channel Islands Trip Report on Friday. If you follow along, you’ll have everything you need to plan an enjoyable weekend getaway. We say “Part 1” because if we learned anything during our stay, it was that we absolutely have to go back. What an adventure!

And lastly, we need you to mark your calendars! This coming Saturday is “Carl Gardner Federal Lands Clean Up Day!” Not sure we even knew there was a “Federal Lands Clean Up Day” until putting together this post but, GREAT. What a super idea! New Innocents will be on location. We hope you’ll find a place to volunteer, too! 

Thanks for reading!

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