Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm

Do yourself a favor and don’t Google “Angel Butt Creme.” To save you the inevitable embarrassment, we’ve hyperlinked all you need to know on the subject in this one, very G-Rated, website.

I’ll start by saying I don’t believe ANYONE who claims something works 100% of the time. Aside from maybe a long spa weekend in a Monterey, CA, there is nothing that is perfect 100% of the time. If I find someone laying on the hyperbolic positive feedback, I’m reflexively skeptical.  I don’t believe in miracle skin products nor sweat-less exercise & diet plans or anything along those lines.

That being said, when my then-newborn daughter had a bleeding diaper rash that would not go away, a girlfriend of mine (Hi, Shannon!) told me about an organic ointment she used with her kids. She said it would knock out the rash in a day. I was desperate and ran out to buy some straight away.


Feeling a bit helpless, I lathered it on my babe’s bottom liberally just before I laid her down for the night. We waited, cried new parent tears, prayed, chanted, rain-danced, and whatever else you do when you run out of options.

Our babe slept through the night, and when she woke up the following morning, I set up to change her diaper. With care normally reserved for handling nuclear material, I took off her diaper and, “BAM!!! ZERO DIAPER RASH!!!” In all fairness, having spent close to $14 on a couple ounces, I was expecting nothing less than a miracle! Well Earth Mama Angel Baby delivered, and having used it now for over three years on all three of my children, I’d say they’ve earned a nice review.

It doesn’t work overnight all of the time. There have been a few times when it took several applications but, there is always progress in the right direction.

I’m sharing this parenting win here because I’ve used it a countless number of times for our kids “post-hike” rashes. It makes quick work of “hikers rash,” cracked lips, and basically anything wrong with you. Matt makes fun but, I use it like Gus Portokalos uses Windex.


I use it because it works.

The best way to buy Bottom Balm is through Amazon. When I don’t have time to wait for an order (normally not an issue because I keep a few spares), stores like Whole Foods and Wegmans carry the tiny tub for a slightly higher price.

Public Service Announcement: It’s important to note that the Earth Mama Angel Baby brand carries several healing products. They all look very similar and come packaged exactly the same. I had to explain this to a slightly embarrassed grandpa when he accidentally purchased three tubs of “Mama Bottom Balm”, intended to ease postpartum discomfort:)


The Good: It’s organic. While I admit that we are not terribly investigative when it comes to using organic, I normally feel pretty good about being able to pronounce all of the ingredients.

It’s also fast-working. It almost always works overnight. Even the most stubborn rash seldom requires more than a full 24 hours of application before you’ll see some relief for your little one.

The Bad: It’s expensive. You can buy a 2-pack on Amazon for under $14 but, will likely spend the same amount for one in a brick-and-mortar store.

It’s an ointment in a tub. Doesn’t sound like much of a hassle but, on warm hikes, the ointment can get a little drippy and though still effective, it can cause a mess. Good thing is, you’re hiking, just wipe it on your shirt. I’ve heard hiking moms and dads say they just put a little diaper cream (or any cream they think they’ll need while hiking) in a small freezer baggie so that they aren’t lugging around a big tub or tube. To me, there isn’t a tub or tube big enough to make this a real issue (although I can hear Matt in my ear saying “ounces equals pounds!”).

Important to note: Once, we bought a jar that had little white lumps in it. I contacted the company to ask for a refund and they explained to me that the lumps were actually “shea pearls” and that they would melt once applied to the baby’s bottom and a little body heat was present. Sure enough, after we accidentally left the diaper bag in the hot car, the ointment was smooth again.

Hope this helps. Happy trails.

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