Britax Pinnacle ClickTight

Dudes “nest.”

Oh you don’t?

Yes you do.

How many hours did you spend reviewing the intricacies of our market’s various strollers? Does your child’s look like it could simultaneously accompany you on a walk to Everest’s base camp and also be turned on a dime…with a flick of the pinky?

It does?

Yep…you “nest.”

Another of your academic research projects was probably the purchase of a car seat. You poured hours into this. Among the first of your major decisions as a father. Your child’s life may well be literally at stake. You cannot screw this up.

But try as you might, your analytic aptitude…your statistical sixth sense…are just no match for the John Bates Clark Medal award winning economist Steven Levitt. Lucky for you and I, he and his friend Stephen Dubner, a Columbia trained writer, teamed up to gift the world with the book and later website: Freakonomics.

They are dads. And, in making that rite-of-passage, have felt the inevitable pull to wax eloquently on their newfound responsibilities.

When you started looking into a car-seat…you googled the hell out of it.

When Levitt and Dubner started looking into car-seats, they asked… “Do these things do anything anyway?”

In July of 2005, Levitt and Dubner published an academic paper in the New York Times titled, The Seat-Belt Solution: A Car-Seat Crash Test.

In the study, they account for just about every variable, and come to the striking conclusion that though we’ll easily spend upwards of $200 USD on a child safety seat, once your kid is older than two, their relative risk of fatality compared with what they’d enjoy in traditional safety-belts is essentially negligible.

You better believe other economists “checked the math.”

Who could blame them for being unconvinced but, even after accounting for “incapacitating injury” as well as “fatality”, the results were about the same.

Once you’re around three years old, a good old fashioned seat-belt is every bit as good as the Apollo Saturn V Rocket Pods we put our daughters in every time we head down the highway.

Three… Two… One… Lift Off!


Maybe it’s my driving but, that’s about what it feels like when you’re looking in your rearview mirror, backing out of your driveway, and spotting your oldest two buckled into the Britax Pinnacle ClickTight.  


Not quite the luxurious experience of our most recent Shuttle pilots but, definitely a seat for extraterrestrial adventure.

And WHY in the hell would we spend this kind of money on a car-seat which has been statistically proven to be not much better than an ordinary seat-belt?

…I don’t know.

In the case of the Britax Pinnacle ClickTight it might be:

The EZ buckle system which holds the belly pad out of the way when loading and unloading.


It might be knowing the engineers who designed it paid special attention to side impact, designing their Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT) to redirect lateral energy away from passengers seated next to one another.


Maybe the ClickTight installation system, which gives us the freedom to move these back and forth between cars without sacrificing safety. 


Or the quick adjust “No-Thread” harness.


Anyway you look at it…It’s a whole lot of car-seat.

It sits 30” – 58” inches in harness mode and 45” – 62” tall in booster.

It’s top harness height is 20.5”

Ultimately, we RECOMMEND IT! We recommend it because we’re okay with holding our car-seat to a higher standard than simply “preventing death or incapacitation.” If we get in a automobile accident…which speaking of statistics…is pretty damn likely…we want our family wrapped in a cocoon of steel and padding not seen since Sly Stallone wrecked his futuristic hoopty in the 1993 classic Demolition Man. Happy Trails. Happy Road Trips. Thanks for reading!

PS. Yeah…Figured out how to tie Demolition Man into a Car Seat review!

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