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1306More on baby carriers… There are a million, and for every one, there are even more moms telling you why the one they use is that best. We have had our Ergo for 2 years. We have the exact model and color shown here. There have been a number of significant updates since we purchased ours and I am confident someone has come out with something hailed as much better. We are trying our best to be “trail minimalists.” We’ve tried to avoid the “buy new because it’s better” craze that traps so many parents but, even our bias toward “we don’t need that,” couldn’t spoil our appreciation of the Baby Ergo.

In the world of baby carriers, there are wraps, slings and structured carriers. All have pros and cons depending on the age of your baby. There are also a million sites that review and compare all of the different options for baby carrying and there is always a new carrier to consider. No matter where you land, buying a carrier with ergonomics is essential, especially if you are movin’ and shakin’ on the trails.
The Good: IMG_6267 IMG_6254You can carry babes on the front or on the back. Having just moved Norah to the back-carrying side of things, it’s great! She stays awake more and really seems to enjoy the ride. It also seems balanced. No need for counterweighting.   The waist strap is thick and comfortable, which is one area that we found where baby carriers are not all created equal. Like our other favorite carriers, Matt and I can both wear the carrier comfortably. It adjusts to all sizes and doesn’t seem to be designed with a particular size in mind.IMG_6730

The snuggles. Oh, the snuggles. It goes without saying that this is a comfy ride for babies. They snuggle right into your chest and I’m sure Norah isn’t alone in seeing it as the perfect opportunity for a 2 mile nap.

The Ergo redistributes the baby’s weight so that there is virtually no strain on your or your baby’s neck and shoulders. This is a huge deal. We didn’t realize just how huge until we tried to carry our babies in the BabyBjorn past the newborn stage. Holy aching bodies.

The Bad: There is a clip that goes across the base of your neck and seems poorly placed. It’s sometimes tough to reach back to snap the buckle and it seems like moving the buckle for comfort would only make it harder to reach. Perhaps I just have small arms and no one else suffers from this inconvenience…???


While it is hailed by many moms and dads as being the carrier they use through toddlerhood, we are seeing that, while it is CAPABLE of supporting your toddler, your kiddos will likely grow tired of it’s constraints. She wants to be higher – nosey hiker wants to be able to see her surroundings and talk to passers-by. She oftentimes needs breathing room when we are both sweaty on a tough hike. The constant touch of her chest against my chest or back makes things a little too hot at times and she ends up like this at the end of a hike:


The Verdict: Buy. Or, buy one like it. The Tula is comparable and seems to be the more up-to-date ergonomics-friendly carrier. Also, buy one in a light color. The sun fades the darker fabric and it can really intensify the heat when you are walking the trails with little shade.

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