Our goal is to save the world.

By helping people to fall in love with the world;

Helping them to understand how deserving it is of their love and appreciation;

Showing them how rare and precious it truly is;

Reorienting people’s idea of where they fit in the universe; 

Inspiring them to appreciate our floating on a pale blue dot in an uninhabitable vacuum; 

Awakening people to our shared humanity and the fragility of our planet in the cosmos;

Calling their attention to the ways it’s changing before our very eyes;

Convincing them to venture into the wilderness to see where the changes are most pronounced;

Championing the beauty of our pristine landscapes;

Planting a seed of curiosity and wilderness appreciation in our children;

Encouraging young parents to take their kids (especially daughters) outdoors;

Making it accessible by removing “barriers;”

Creating a network of kid-friendly outdoor travel experiences;

Teaching young parents how to best experience the backcountry with children;

Writing a guide book for young American families on how to explore their National Parks;

Traveling to all 59 National Parks and capturing lessons learned;

Creating and maintaining a website dedicated to helping families take their children to explore American National Parks;

Getting up off-our-butts and writing this blog which gives good advice on how to simultaneously visit National Parks with kids and keep your sanity.

We’re in this together…

Wilderness Aye,

New Innocents