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Britax Stroller Board

If you frequent your local zoo, park, mall, airport, or walk your kids to school in the morning, you’ve been there. Schlepping a diaper bag, a sack of snack-packs, all while pushing a stroller with more children than can possibly fit comfortably. You admire your own perseverance even as you look like the “before” segment of an overly-dramatized infomercial. Maybe I’m speaking from experience….


But off in the distance… The picture of maternal sophistication, she’s unencumbered. She’s walking tall, but seeming to glide rather than trod like you’re used to. You instantly feel bad about yourself because, “I should have it together too!”

And then you spot it. The keystone to making juggling kids and sipping a latte look good. She has it together because clipped to the back of her stroller is a Britax Stroller Board. Her “too-old-to-ride in the stroller” kid now has a place, and her “easily-distracted-and-inevitably-wandering toddler” is buckled into a proper seat. Yes, this is the better version of yourself you want to be. You NEED a “stroller board” and you know it. “I want that,” you whisper, reassuringly to yourself.


Yup…Been there. As you may have read, we’re big fans of our BOB Revolution Stroller. But, when our oldest started Kindergarten, our single seat stroller made getting her to school on time a real challenge. Gone were the days when we could let them decide for themselves who really “needed” to be in the seat for a rest. We had to get out the door…and to school…on time!

As our need for efficient travel was ramping up, our youngest was digging in. No longer content to have her older sister’s riding on the footrest in front of her, she’d boot-off both, sending them ass-over-teakettle from the stroller, causing a short-term crisis as we’d stop to assess injury and settle frazzled emotions.  

img_0462So after five years of “getting by” we caved and picked up a very used double BOB stroller. After a quick click on Amazon Prime I had the Britax Stroller Board ready to snap on.

Amazon delivered the board just before lunch. I was pumped because it meant I’d have time to clip it on before picking Ainsley up from school. Little did I know, the 40 minutes I’d allotted would be insufficient for attaching the damn thing. Never one to ask Matt to tackle a task because I just can’t do it, I was seriously wishing he’d walk through the door for an assist.

So yes. It’s a pain to attach. Even though Britax and BOB are owned by the same parent company, the board just doesn’t jive as if it made to fit. It is supposed to fit any stroller. Perhaps in its attempt to be universal, it lost some ease in assembling.

But eventually, I wrestled it into submission. Almost certain I’d done it incorrectly, I’ll admit to being worried about looking like the crazy bag lady as I piled all of my kiddos onto the stroller when it failed. Nevertheless, I set off to test it out.

A few things…

Britax advertises the board as having “three wheels with independent suspension.” And though they specify the wheels are made of rubber, we found them to be not soft enough to avoid making a helluva racket over tile floors.


The board is rated for children up to 50 pounds. Perhaps a heavier child would quiet the board’s rattling wheels.

You’ll also find they advertise a quick release design for removal and installation. I think the legitimacy of this claim depends on your stroller. For the double BOB, there wasn’t much easy about it.

The board can be easily adjusted to accommodate your child’s height and when you’re not using it, can easily be secured out of the way. Might be worth mentioning that if you don’t, it becomes an instant trip hazard.

The Bottom Line:

It’s a pain in the neck to put on and it’s definitely not the “least annoying” thing you’ll own as a parent. But, for us, it’s been better than nothing. The girls seem to enjoy the ride and if you have more kids than your stroller can seat, you’ll be thankful to avoid the meltdowns. It’s not cheap. Around $70 on Amazon. To be frank, your assessment of it’s value will probably have to be based on the severity of your children’s freak-outs. We think it’s worth $70.


Nevertheless, it’s clear BOB and Britax can work together to come up with something a little more streamlined. Just sayin’.

Thanks for reading!

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